What Is QA And Why Quality Assurance Is Important in Web Development Process

  1. Design evaluation
  2. Functionality testing

Requirement Testing

Requirement testing takes into account the requirements that were expressed by the client as well as other client-approved design documents. The QA tester compiles a list of expectations and requirements and uses them to evaluate the layout, prototype and/or alpha version of a website or web app. Requirement testing is essential throughout the development process to ensure that the project team meets all of their mission objectives.

Design Testing

Design testing looks at the appearance of the web app or website. When testing the design, the QA tester checks whether the look and feel of the web app or website are in line with the proposed design and overall layout. The process of design testing is multi-faceted and includes such activities as browser testing and mobile testing.

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing evaluates both the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of a web app or website. It usually is the final step in Quality Assurance testing. It is a rigorous process that ensures that each link, button, form and all the other features are operating as they should. The website or app is tested across various browsers and platforms to ascertain that the end user will have no problems browsing or using the site or app.

Quality Assurance Vs. User Testing

Many people, including some web developers, wrongly assume that Quality Assurance and User Testing are one and the same. There’s, however, a difference between the two.

  • An exploration of the app or site to try and find any unclear or vague points which are likely to confuse a visitor or user.
  • Gathering information about how different users experience the app or website and how those user experiences are different from the intentions of the developer.

Why Is QA Important?

Quality Assurance is a prerequisite for any process that is keen on delivering high-quality products. QA testing should be undertaken routinely even after development is complete. Doing so allows you to continually locate and correct any issues that might crop up within your website or web application. The benefits of routine QA testing are far-reaching and include the following:

  1. You will appear inept and/or working with an incompetent team
  2. Your product will be assumed to be of poor quality and not worth buying or interacting with
  3. It will look as though you don’t really value or care about your work
  4. You will eventually lose your customer’s trust and credibility.

In Summary

QA is crucial and shouldn’t be dismissed during the development lifecycle of websites and web application. It ensures that your product delivers excellent usability, functionality, and performance. It’s thus highly recommended that all web development agencies invest in a QA team that will work hand-in-hand with project developers, designers, and clients in delivering high-quality product and solutions developed from scratch.



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